We experience God's grace when we see Him go beyond what He has promised, to give us gifts that we could never have created, earned, or deserved. Our children are two of those gifts of grace.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lukie/Yukie/Bobby!

Our little Lucas is two years old! We are so proud of our adventurous, sweet, and adorable little boy.

Here's a recent photo in his cute little overalls (though he has had his first haircut since this was taken -- he was adorably shaggy here).

Lucas is also an evolving jokester. The video below is a case in point. First, he cracks himself (and us) up by pretending to fall asleep at dinner. Then, he talks about the pictures on his fork handle instead of taking a bite. Finally, he insists that his name is Bobby. We think he got this idea from us trying to get him to acknowledge his name by asking him other ones ("Is your name Jimmy? No. Is your name...?"). He decided he liked to be called Bobby -- even answered to it for a couple of weeks! Ironically, with a daddy named Rob and an opa named Bob, he could have easily become a Bobby. However, he's back to his own name now, with the important caveat that he pronounces Lukie "Yukie." That evokes a different image for me. We had some Canadian friends here in Florida who had a little, very excitable dog named Yuki, short for "Yukon King" (sidenote: awesome name), so I have visions of Lukie as that energetic little dog, tearing around everywhere!

We are looking forward to a little party on Saturday, but most of all we are so thankful for our little man. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

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  1. What a ham! He's certainly not lacking in personality... :-)