We experience God's grace when we see Him go beyond what He has promised, to give us gifts that we could never have created, earned, or deserved. Our children are two of those gifts of grace.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Onesies for Lucas!

My friend Holli helped organize a baby shower for me at the end of February. She posted some photos on her blog that show the very fun project we did! Next time I host a baby shower, I will definitely use this idea.


The rest of Holli's blog is great too, so feel free to add it to your reading list! She has, for instance, a post I like about post-birth doulas and the role they serve in a family with a newborn. Although I did not give birth, Holli served in modified version of this role for us over the past few weeks. In our case, she came over 2-3 times a week, for 2-3 hours, just to answer our questions, help us with some things that were new to us (bathing a newborn and filing down his fingernails, for instance!) and to help us stay caught up on things or run out to the grocery store or something. We also had her "on deck" to possibly help with some nights/early morning to allow us some sleep, but Lucas has turned out to be pretty manageable in that department. (Though he's decided it's OK to be wide awake and grumpy from about 9pm to midnight the last few nights...). It is a real comfort to have someone you can trust with your baby when he is only a week or two old.

That's all for tonight - Lucas is wide awake so I'm going to hang out with him for a while :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A few photos to keep you reading...

I haven't put together the time for a long written post tonight, but I want to keep my devoted followers happy, so here are a few visual tidbits...

The Swaddle Escapee

The Obligatory Tiny Baby Foot!

A Welcome Home Cake! (lots of interest there)

(fun sidenote: I got the pants Lucas is wearing out of my old Cabbage Patch Kid suitcase -- washed them up and they fit great! I think my Aunt Lynne made them about 25 years ago.)

A Welcome Home Cake! (this time there really IS some interest from someone! I love the perspective in this shot - Meredith looks enormous and Lucas looks tiny, which is just how it feels for us!)

Comfy With Daddy -- the floor

Comfy with Daddy - the chair

and finally...

A New Approach to Bouncy Seat Comfort (thanks Holli for the pose and Breanna for the seat!)