We experience God's grace when we see Him go beyond what He has promised, to give us gifts that we could never have created, earned, or deserved. Our children are two of those gifts of grace.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Fairy and the Dinosaur

Hi all -- here are some pictures to commemorate this Halloween!

Meredith was a fairy this year. This was mostly because I happened to buy this costume on sale last year the day after Halloween, in hopes she might be interested this year. After all her interest in villains, I wasn't sure she'd go for it, but sure enough - she loved it! (And Aunt Jaynie, she carried that princess wand you gave her a while ago too!). Lucas was a dinosaur (thank you, Salvation Army!). It didn't have a head piece, but that's probably just as well since he wouldn't have kept it on!

Here is Meredith at her preschool program. The girls were probably 50% fairies and princesses, but Meredith was the only one with the awesome pointy hat :)

Our babysitter dressed up the same day, so here is Hannah (aka "Mrs. Gnome") with Meredith (sans wings). So cute!

In the evening, we got all set to trick or treat. Meredith was really excited all day because she knew what it was. Lucas was clueless, but once we got going he was a big fan. He did try to walk into peoples' houses multiple times, and wasn't always clear about the candy transaction, but he is an extrovert (like his sister) so just the idea of running up to peoples' doors and having them talk to him was fun. They were also both very excited when they got to meet dogs - another love that they have in common.

I took a couple of pictures of Meredith outside -- the second is without the flash so that you can see her very cool fairy shadow.

Why was Meredith outside without Lucas? Well, we got about 3/4 of the way around our block and Lucas had a little crash. He tripped and splatted on his face. So we were done -- thankfully Meredith was very cooperative and we just walked quickly home while Rob tried to console our little Lucas-with-the-bleeding-mouth. Poor little buddy. I took a picture when we got home so we wouldn't forget the untimely end of his first real trick-or-treating experience. Hopefully next Halloween will end better for him!

So you don't worry, just know that his lip looks much better today (just a white mark). He only notices it once in a while, at which point he reminds me, pointing: "Boo boo!"

I think he has probably forgotten about most of the candy, too, but when he sees it he will want to eat it. He's like me. This is in contrast to Meredith: last night when she said she wanted to stay up a little late, I said, "How about after Lukie goes to bed, you could stay up for a little bit to see what you got in your candy bucket?". She replied, "Or I could read my Cinderella book" -- which is what she did. We did sort through her candy this morning, but I can see she is going to be a gold mine for me and Rob because she is less attached to her candy than I ever was!

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