We experience God's grace when we see Him go beyond what He has promised, to give us gifts that we could never have created, earned, or deserved. Our children are two of those gifts of grace.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Transformers Theme Song

As we all know, Meredith loves to make up songs. Something that has become clearer over time is that her first priority is always the rhythm -- the whole thing is driven by the cadence of the song she creates. The tune is secondary, and after that, if possible, she also generates words on the fly to sing (though it is mixed with some humming, and especially mumbling when she can't think of something quickly enough to fit the rhythm).

I think the Transformers could use a new theme song, and this one resembles a march right out of Miss Saigon or Les Miserables. My favorite part is the minor key that it's in. Or maybe the invitation to "sing along". Or perhaps the brilliant dramatic ending.

A note: For those not familiar with the Transformer mythology, the Decepticons are the bad guys and the Autobots are the good guys. And Meredith is wearing Transformers pajamas while performing this song.

Hope you enjoy! While there are chunks where she is so into the rhythm that the words are unintelligible, I've posted a few fun quotes to listen for below the video.

We are the Decepticons
and the Autobots
We are the ones!
Sing along!

And we are the ones
that we are so worthy
we are the ones that are *mumble*

You are the ones that
You are the ones that are
transform (or a failed rhyme attempt?)
You are the ones that are


And the way that you feel
You would drink so bad
You, you can drink, you *mumble*
(failed rhyme on the fly!)


...you know "that's right!"
You are the ones that are things so bright!
(successful rhyme on the fly!)


And now that you're grown every thing *mumble*
worthy of you and me


We are the decep-ti-cons!

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